The Anguished Soul


Hull: Raider
Class: Modified Hazeroth-Class Privateer
Dimensions: 1.4 km long, 0.25 km abeam approx.
Mass: 5 megatonnes approx.
Crew: 22,000 crew approx.
Accel: 5.6 gravities max acceleration

The Hazeroth class comprises a variety of raider vessels of similar size and firepower. Many have been known to operate from the infamous Hazeroth Abyss (hence the name), and are popular with privateers. Most sacrifice cargo space and armor for improved engines and reinforced interior bulkheads, allowing them to flee anything they cannot fight.

Speed: 11
Manoeuvrability: 35
Detection: +28
Armor: 14
Void Shields: 1
Hull Integrity: 31
Space: 35 (Used: 35)
Power: 45 (Used: 45)
Turret Rating: 1
Weapon Capacity: Dorsal 1, Prow 1
SP Total Cost: 50

Essential Components

Modified Jovian Pattern Class-2 Drive (Archaeotech): The STC standard drive for escort-grade warships, yet the STC standard drive for this vessel is much older than anything ever seen before. Mechanicus sources believe it is unknown archaeotech. This engine is Overcharged. The strange and exotic nature of the materials used in the drives containment domes allow for a hotter plasma “burn”, while taking up less space. This adds +1 to the ships speed, decreases the space the drive takes up by 4, and is of extreme interest to the agents of the Mechanicus.

Sterlov 1 Warp Engine: Allows the vessel to enter and remain in the immaterium.

Warpsbane Hull: The entire hull of this vessel is covered with with silver, hand-inscribed hexagramic wards. These reinforce a Gellar Field projected from a 50 meter statue of an Imperial Saint, located just fore of the bridge. This statue also projects a Shield of Faith. Any Navigation Tests to pilot the ship through the Warp gain a +10 bonus. When rolling for Warp Travel Encounters (pg. 186) the GM rolls twice and allows the Navigator to choose which result is applied.

Single Void Shield Array: A single double-layered void shield. Provides 1 Void Shield.

Command Bridge: This bridge has been modified to give the ships master greater control over his vessel. This bridge has Enhanced Cogitator Relays which means as long as the bridge remains undamaged all Command Tests made by the Captain gain +5 and all Ballistic Skill Tests to fire shipboard weapons gain +5. If this component ever suffers a Critical Hit, it becomes unpowered on a 1d10 roll of 3 or higher.

Mark I.r Life Sustainer: The life support system was designed for reliability and does little to remove the stink of oil and warp engine discharge. The air in the ship is stale which results in a Morale loss of -1.

Voidsman Quarters: Standard living quarters for the voidsmen of a long-distance trader.

Deep Void Auger Array: These, quite simply are some of the best sensors created by the Adeptus Mechanicus and are reserved for their own ships and Imperial Naval Scout vessels. It is External meaning this component does not require hull space. Although it is external, it can only be destroyed or damaged by a critical hit. It also has the Eye of the Omnissiah bonus. The exceptional sensitivity of the array grants a +10 to the ships Detection.

Supplemental Components

Reinforced Interior Bulkheads: Additional adamantine plates in key locations make this ship hard to destroy. Hard to Breach adds +3 to Hull Integrity.

Augmented Retro Thrusters: Multiple manoeuvering thrusters draw immense power but offer impressive performance nonetheless. The ship is Agile adding +5 to Manoeuvrability. The component is also External.

Cargo Hold and Lighter Bay: This cargo hold has Hidden Spaces. When working towards a Trade or Criminal objective the players earn and additional 50 Achievement Points toward completing that objective. Unfortunately this added cargo space comes with cost and causes the ship to be slightly Unbalanced. -3 to manoeuvrability.

Murder Servitors: The ship possesses a stock of ancient, skull-faced killing machines. Sealed in cryo-stasis until absolutely required, a mere dozen can be successfully sent on hit and run raids to maim and kill on enemy vessels. They are Death Dealers. When used to conduct a Hit and Run Action this enhancement provides a +20 bonus to the Opposed Command Test. They are also Precise. When determining the Critical HIt inflicted by the Hit and Run Action they participated in, the character conducting the raid may select any result between 1 and 6 rather than rolling.

Past History

The Anguished Soul is Haunted. Some nameless horror haunts this vessel’s past, leaving voidsmen to whisper stories of ghosts wandering through the corridors and cabins. Morale is reduced PERMANENTLY by 10. However, strange premonitions flicker on the auger arrays, granting a +6 to the ships Detection. Additionally, all non-crew members suffer -5 to Command Tests involving Boarding Actions or Hit and Run Actions against the haunted vessel. The presence of these spirits may cause many other issues, depending on their origins and how they came to haunt the vessel…

Machine Spirit Oddity

This ship is Ancient and Wise. This ship is of a bygone age, having survived many millennia of voyages and adventures. Its hull has weakened over the centuries , but it anticipates the needs of its crew and will move as one with a competent master. The ship suffer -4 Hull Integrity but gains a +10 bonus to Manoeuvre Actions it performs (including out of combat and ramming).


The Anguished Soul

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